Flowers & Candle




Candle wick trimmer perfectly trims your wicks.  The idea length is 5-7mm to ensure a clean burning candle and help prevent soot from forming on the glass. This will also prevent the wicks from becoming too long and 'mushrooming'. 

Trim your wick before lighing your candle.

To clean the trimmers, wash in warm soapy water and dry well.

Be careful not to cut your wick too close to the wax as your candle may have trouble powering up to melt the wax. 

Smoke around the top of the vessel is not uncommon. This occurs because the flame may be high or the fragrance oil is burning, or your candle has been burning for a few hours.  It is not harmful and does not affect the effectiveness of the candle.  To remove use a wet cloth or a micro-fibre cloth to wipe away any excess soot.  To reduce the sooty build-up make sure you nip off the wick before lighting.