Pink Blossom


Having battled with my health for the last 4 years, I found myself  'stuck' with conventional practitioners. A couple of years ago I started working with various energy healers in NZ, Australia and Europe.  Each one of them helped me peel back layers on different levels. I had my first face to face healing with Kim towards the end of 2017, her intuitive way of working speaks volumes of her inherent talent as a healer.  She unearthed some deep seeded issues I thought had been previously dealt with - but clearly NOT!  Kim's manner is so gently & nurturing that I had such of calm & peace after our session, where often I am laid flat by such healing work.  Having experienced a number of different healing modalities, I couldn't recommend Kim highly enough.  She has a true gift and I am so grateful she is able to share it with us.

Amy - Auckland


Kim is a fabulous BodyTalk practitioner who has helped me immensely with stress and anxiety due to a difficult pregnancy, post natal depression and a heavy work load.
Kim's approach is engaging and professional and she genuinely cares for her clients and supporting them in achieving the results they wish to together. I would recommend Kim to anyone who needs that extra support when dealing with emotionally stressful issues. 

Nikki - Auckland


Kim is an insightful healer who has helped me release and feel more at peace about past hurts and traumas.  Her work using Body talk and Theta healing is quick and trauma free and leaves me feeling lighter and freed of the messages and thoughts plaguing me from the past.  She listens carefully and her intuitive insights are keen and she is able to quickly identify the thoughts and feelings that are causing me difficulty.  I really feel I have experienced quite a bit of relief and without the emotional pain of talk therapy.  I have enjoyed working with Kim over Skype which has worked out great since I am long distance.

Rochelle - Washington State - USA