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Magick Soy Candle


Sacred Candle Rituals continue in modern times as we seek to explore the realm of magic and personal spiritual awareness within our own intuitive consciousness.

A  spell is a thought, a projection, a payer, or an enchantment.  The success of the spell depends not only upon the way in which it is cast but upon the power of the positive thinking and the ability to imagine and believe in the magic being created.  

That's why every part of our spell candles, from the colours and scents to harvested herbs, and moon-charged gemstones - is chosen to support a specific facet of your sacred practise. Each candle is handcrafted with 100 % soy wax, created to align and centre the physical with the spiritual during meditations and rituals.  Made in batches of no more than three at a time to ensure the highest quality, they are blessed and charged with healing energy and positive intent for the user.


A large size filled with 300gms of wax & fragrance, with approximately 60-70 hours burn time.

Neroli La Luna | Ask, Believe , Receive.

Abundance  | Manifesting Abundance, Flow & Creativity - Plentiful of the good things in life

Love | A spell for any love and any heart

Purification Magick | To cleanse and purify your energy field, internally and externally! 

Intuition | The Mystic Eye

Calming Spell | Calming Spell is a mystical potion for a dose of tranquility