Organic Beauty Products




This new range of Body Oils was inspired by the expressions or archetypal of womanhood. I feel we are at a time in history where we are reframing or rethinking the modern expression of womanhood.  What does it mean to be a women!. After thinking about this for a while I like to think that real beauty comes from being honest, authentic, and unapologetic about the female experience.  I think we can recognise that different archetypes come to life at different stages of a women's life, so these Body Oils represent those stages or experiences.   

The Process
A carefully formulated process, starts with infusing wildcrafted and organically grown herbs and flowers in botanical oils for a full moon cycle.  We do this to extract their medicinal properties, and according to folklore, perhaps a little moon magic.  Infused oils carry the properties and benefits of the plants, creating a powerful remedy.  After the infusion process matures, the oil is stained and bottled. I may then add other botanical oils to support the skin. The body oil is then scented with a luxurious synergy blend of pure essential oils, which has also had the time to infuse together.  Each component has been carefully selected to support the stage or experience in a woman's life.  I have used organic oils, herbs and flowers where possible.  100% plant-based natural and simple. No nasty ingredients or preservatives of any kind. The luxurious lightweight and hydrating body oil can be used in your daily ritual routines, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing. 

My Vision
This is a new product, I am super proud of.  Although it has taken time for everything to come together, I feel that it offer something unique because of it's slow process.  The intention behind each oil is to offer you a feeling of stress release, emotional support from the aromatic herbs and flowers.  The energy of the luna and love that has been infused in the making process and nurturing and self love that come from you preforming your own ritual with this wonderful act of giving yourself a massage.  My Vision is to expand this range.  I already have Brave, and Sage to be released next year.  As at Dec 2021, the artwork is still in the development stage, with my vision to include beautiful artwork of goddess women displayed on each bottle.  I have decided to not go with packaging, as beautiful as packaging can be, it nearly always ends up thrown in the rubbish.  I would like to source in the future recyclable stickers, that are removable.  The glass bottle is recyclable, perhaps something that is treasured by some.  The only plastic at this time, is the spray and lid, which at present I have found no alternative.  I look forward to seeing how this product grows in the near future and to any feedback.  Much Love Kim X