Focused on Wellness



Pure Doterra Essential oils are natures most powerful elements that can transform the way you manage you and your families health.

Would you like to focus on holistic living, balance, nature, connections, and relaxation. With the introduction of Pure Essential Oils into your life and home… you will be able to help balance all of these aspects of your energy that affect the body on a cellular level. These essential oils work to create energetic shifts in a person’s emotional and physical state and also help to further assist any healing sessions you have had with me. Essential oils, will help to create more health and harmony in your life.

There are many Essential oils available on the market today, I have chosen a selection that I personally recommend, ones I use on a regular basis with my family, friends and clients. I have picked them because of their aromas, benefits, best uses and more.  If you are new to Essential oils this is a great starting point, Some of these oils are a fantastic additional to your First Aid Kit, and to emotional balancing and healing.

THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT but your can connect direct to my Doterra website for further information about the oils or or to make any purchases online.