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Soy Candles



Our lux collection, hand-crafted, hand poured with natural soy wax,  A large gold or rose gold vessel 450gms, with approximately 95 hours burn time, comes with high quality fragrance, imported direct from the states in a classy vessel, antique style of cut glass design that looks like a scared temple.  The Ultimate in perfume that smells like heaven ......  


Transcendence | Achieve a new level of awareness.  An unlikely union of conflicting scents.  The Yin and Yang of scents.  Mink & Musk.  Citrus and Melon.  Floral and Earth.  A little of everything.

Frankincense and Myrrh | Ancient incense. Softer and prettier but still deeply earthy and spellbinding.

Divine Light | You breathe in deeply and the scent sharply permeates all of your scenes but is soon mellowed as you exhale. Smooth chocolate and crisp mint blend together to give a divine refreshing scent.