Soy Candles


Toast to a happy future with these stemless wine glass scents. 

A large size filled with 400gms of wax & fragrance, with approximately 90-95 hours burn time.

Pepper & Port |  Cool Moroccan nights spill their spiced winds into the vastness. Become a part of this majesty! Crushed peppercorn, floral-fig and port wine. The notes--Fresh orchard, zesty citrus and black currant top-note, a jasmine, lily of the valley, hibiscus and tuberose middle-note, and a figgy-patchouli, peppercorn and soft white-musk base-note with a deep port wine.

Crushed Strawberries & Rhubarb  | Sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. A wonderful little toast with friends.  Old time goodness! Yummy fresh ripe strawberries simmering with garden cut rhubarb! Yum !

Brandied Pears | Flaming pears with brandy sauce. The brandy cooks off and leaves the juiciest most succulent, tender pears. The brandy enhances the pear to really make this scent "pop".



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