Roll on Essential Oil Elixir 

Warm. Sophisticated. Bliss

10 mls


A beautfiul blended perfume oil made with organic blended oils & therapeutic essentail oils, A comsic blend to offer you the magic of the Sun, Moon & Stars.

Helps us to feel connected to the magic of the universe.  Heaven in a bottle.

Magick Stella Oil

  • Created with love, a beautiful combinations of organic, Sunflower oil infused with Calendula, Fractioned Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. 


    This Cosmic blend is based on the planets and the planetary relationship of essential oils.


    In astrology if any of your planet is weak and you are facing problems, because of your weak planet condition. You can use  crafted essential oils to improve your planetary conditions.

    This blend represents the whole cosmic system.

    *100% Pure, Therapeutic grade essential oils


    The Moon:  Jasmine Absolute, related to lunar energy.  Everyone is a moon and has a darkside which he never shows to anybody.  Connecting to the subconscious, brings out the purest and most beautiful side of you. Brings home serenity, the calming down the mind, the story, the activity of your mind in a more balanced way and restore balance to the feminine.  Soft, so cooling, refreshing and edgy.

    The Sun: Peppermint, connected with the Solar Energy & vital life-force energy of the Sun. The heart is the anatomical part of the body related to the sun.  The sun, the spirit, is related to the heart.  In india, the heart is called the hum of the temple for the spirit.  Peppermint simtulates the mind.  The mind is nothing more than a reflection from spirit.  From spirit, you have to express yourself through the mind.  Then the mind activates your sense and your interect with the environment.  The actual perfume aroma of this particular oil is bright, sweet and fresh, energetic and zesty.

    Mars: Cedarwood, a very grounding energy used to balance Mars. Mars energy is related to your battles and resilience.  The Cedar trees offer the strength needed for endurance, force and determintion.  A great way to be connected with the Mars energy in a very active, decisive forward way of presentation. Brings comfort in knowing you are loved and protected

    Mercury:  Holy Basi (Tulsi) is related to devotion.  What is behind Mercury is the purification of intelligence towards the cosmic intelligence. This is not possible by logic.  Holy Basil (Tulsi), is the guardian of this divine love.  Tulsi is a kind of goddess in the Vedic tradition.  It's a feminine energy of the Divine.

    Juniper: The Divine Guru.  Nag Champa, brings so much compassion, contentment and realisation of the Divine Guru.  Jupiter is the celestial preceptor, the celestial teacher.  During the energy of Mercury we are inclined to understand, to learn, to grasp something.  But during the Jupiter type of vibration we don't need to understand.  We just need to expand, to go beyond, do dive deeper, to understand the subtle aspect of life and perception in your spiritual journey.  Nag Champa is very much connected with the spiritual realisation and how you can perceive and expand this force in your life.

    Venus: In nature you are connected with via the beauty, the charm, the elegance, the delicate aspect of the presence and the manifestation of the planet. Geranium is beautiful it's all about compassion and beauty in your life. Use this oil to call for the energy of venus of celebration, beauty and restoring your sacred feminine. Geranium softens and heals your heart, installs unconditional love and allows us to trust. Great for gently balancing the emotions.

    Saturn: The destroyer.  Overturn the old ways with fire and destruction.  Palo Santo is very connected with Saturn energy, brings so much about sacredness, the beauty in our connection with life.  Found in Central and South America.  It is related with the sacred moments and those rituals around the indigenous people, connecting themselves with the Divine in their ways of those traditions. Related to meditation, the contemplation of life.  Thinking about the cycles, the impermanence, the letting go, the release necessity but also to obtain a center point. Restores peace in your heart, calms down anxiety.

    Rahu: Relates to the shadow effects of the destructive mind in particular the cloudy mind, the shadow effect. Patchouli is a very effective way to bring regeneration, to help your body to attain a kind of rejuvenation, building up some new tissues in your life but also to support your consciousness, so you can understand from a different perspective.  It supports the mind.

    Ketu: Relates to the shadow effects of the destructive mind. Thyme as a protection from Rahu like the immunity in your life.  It's creating polarised type of protection protecting both sides of your body, the different types of immunity externally and internally.  Thyme is very effective but also very intense. Connected with the solar energy an intense, pungent fire energy.  Ketu is more like a Mars type of energy. 

    Important Note: Thyme essential can increase circulation, so people with high blood pressure should avoid.  Not recommend for people with hyperthroidism, as it over stimulates thyroid gland.  Avoid if pregnant .