Roll on Essential Oil Elixir 

Confidence. Balanced. Strength

10 mls


A blended synergy oil made with organic blended oils & therapeutic essentail oils, 

The perfect match to the Scared Feminine.  To help anchor and embody the Sacred Masculine.  This is about getting in touch with the widest, fullest expression of your Masculine.


The Divine Masculine he holds sacred space for truth.  He breaths with integral strength of beauty and vulnerability.  He lives from his heart.  The powerful energy of the protector, the nuturer, the wise action, the holding comfort, the central pillar.


Welcoming the strongest, most aware version of Man that you can be.  Willing to be himself and experience emotion. This is the Divine Masculine – open, conscious, present, expansive, balanced and powerful. 



The Southern Man (The Divine Masculine)

  • Created with love, a beautiful combinations of organic, Sunflower oil infused with Calendula, Fractioned Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. 


    This Blend Contains

    *100% Pure, Therapeutic grade essential oils

    Bergamot:  Accepting oneself and others, to love unconditionally. Cleansing energy in the body.

    Patchouli: will help your central nervous system to remain balanced. As you grow more fully into your Masculine, it will keep you centered and calm, particularly as you open into brand new territory for yourself.  Said to connect one to their own body, helping a person release patterns of shame or "not enough-ness", and feel more self-love and acceptance towards their physical self. It does this by acting as a grounding support, helping you to reconnect with and settle into your body.

    Virginian Cedarwood: Supports the deepest root of your Masculine, encouraging you to find your foundation and sense of ground in all that you choose.

    Cardamon: A warm, spicy, sweet, balsamic and slightly camphoraceous aroma, this oil can be a gentle tonic for the brain, nervous system and the body's vital energies. Cardamom has strong calming and grounding properties, promoting emotional equilibrium.

    Indian Sandalwood: The signature oil of Masculine in this blend. Not only for its renowned scent, but also for its energetics, which will support you to open to every single aspect of yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It won’t allow you to be one-dimensional, and will encourage you to expand to your emotional edges.

    Oud: Rich and powerful with sweet-sour woody balsamic notes and earthy undertones. It's aroma is mysterious, deep and profound and is a wonderful oil for well-being and spiritual awareness.It can purify and balance energy, is relaxing, rejuvenating, transformative and transcending.