Three of the most popular essential oil  blends to bring balance, calm and love into your life.

Love Oil, Goddess Oil, Dream Oil


Roll on Essential Oil Elixir 

3 x 10 mls + Rose Quartz 

The Ritual of Three


    Created with love, a beautiful combinations of organic, Sunflower oil infused with Caleudula, Fractioned Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. 


    All Blends Contain

    *100% Pure, Therapeutic grade essential oils

    Love Oil

    Bergamot:  Accepting oneself and others, to love unconditionally.  Cleansing energy in the body.

    Lavender: Easy expression of true self, helps to be authentic, and  clearly communicate your needs.

    Geranium: The oil of love and trust, supports us emotionally.  It nutures the inner child, supports in re-parenting this aspect of the self. Supports connection to our soul, through the heart energy.  It opens up the heart and soul to love and spiritual connection

    Ylang Ylang: Oil of the inner child, emotional healing, connection to our heart, the pure essences of who we are. Connection to our soul, through the heart energy.


    Goddess Oil

    Jasmine Absolute:  Brings out the purest and most beautiful side of you.  It helps you to walk with poise, grace and elegance.

    Geranium: Brings compassion, and beauty into your life. Softens and heals your heart, installs unconditional love and allows us to trust. Great for gently balancing the emotions.

    Rose Absolute: The Oil of divine love.  Rose holds the highest virbration than any other oil on the planet.  A powerful healer of the heart, bringing warmth to the soul.

    Vanilla Oleoresin: Warming, calming and nurturing to the soul.

    Cinnamon: Opens the heart and brings warmth to the spirit.  It guides you to stand and connect with your inner power. 


    Dream Oil

    Juniper Berry:  Helps release the fear of listening to your mind.

    Cedarwood: Brings comfort in knowing you are loved and protected

    Wild Orange: Brings pleasant thoughts into your mind before bed.

    Lavender: Settles the spirit so you can relax into a deep sleep

    Frankincense: Supports calming and centering of the mind

    Roman Chamomile: Assists in feeling connected, supported, calmer and more at peace.