Roll on Essential Oil Elixir 

Believe. Trust. Empower

10 mls


A nurturing blended perfume oil in light absorbing combination of organic blended oils and therapeutic essential oils.  Made with love to enhance our trust in the cosmic guidance, feelings and inner knowing.  

Supported Blend

  • Created with love, a beautiful combinations of organic, Sunflower oil infused with Calendula, Fractioned Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. 


    This Blend Contains

    *100% Pure, Therapeutic grade essential oils

    Lavender: Easy expression of true self, help to be authentic, and help you clearly communicate your needs

    Bergamot: Changes how you perceive yourself, especially if you struggle with negative self talk.  This oil opens your eyes to see your own beauty.

    Wintergreen: Encourages you to let go of any negativity you feel about yourself.  It is the Oil of surrenderer, in short, to let go and let god.  It assists in receiving your wisdom from your guides and angels.

    Frankincense: Reveals the truth of how precious and magnificent you are, because we are wonderfully and fearlessly made.  Helps dispel the low vibrations.

    Wild Orange: Allows you to feel the warmth and love in your heart, from all the people connected to you.  Brings brightness to your heart, it is an encouraging oil and brings beautiful things into your life.  Installs the belief you can accomplish your dreams.

    Roman Chamomile:  Oil of spiritual purpose, supports in discovering and living your true life’s purpose.  As we start to live from the centre of beings, we find power, and purpose that is indescribable.  Reminds us to do what we love to experience true success, focusing on more fulfilling work.  This oil supports us to feel connected to and supported by the divine.   A very calming supportive oil.