Yoga Mat Cleansing Mist

Harmonising. Uplift. Purify

Handrafted Yoga Mist, made with love and therapeutic essential oils.

net wt: 100ml


Be good to yourself... and your yoga mat. Enhance your yoga experience with one of our fine mist sprays by lightly misting the mat just before your practice to inhale the wonderful aroma of pure therapeutic essential oils. There are four unqiue fragrances to choose from that each have their own health benefits for optimum well-being.

Yoga Mat Cleansing Mist

  • Gentle shake the bottle. Mist lightly on your yoga mat before or after practising. Wipe dry if needed.  You may also like to lightly mist around your aura, while setting an intention for your yoga practice.

    Cleaning after your practice:

    Clean both sides of the mat and let dry completely before rolling up to store. Our yoga mat mists have all-natural, cleansing and anti-bacterial ingredients to keep your mat fresh and odor-free. clean mat. clear mind.


  • A synergistic blend of distilled water, energy structured Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Colloidal Silver and Therapeutic Vibrational Essential Oils.  (2 % blend of essentail oils).  Please keep out of sunlight and store in cool dark place.


    Zestful Blend Mat Mist: Lemon Mytle, Peppermint & Veitver.


    Floral Blend Mat Mist: Lavender, Geranium, Geranium Rose and Sandalwood.


    Earth Grounding Mat Mist: Frankincense Blend, Patchouli and Veitver. 


    Meditate Mat Mist: Cypress, Buddha Wood, Franincense Blend and Cedarwood.