Understanding Your Soul

I thought I would talk about the soul, I know the soul is something that I often speak about with friends and clients, but to some it maybe miss understood.

The soul is anchored in the space just above the heart, the space where heaven and earth meet. It is the space of our knowing and our wisdom.

It is the heart energy that is the driver that connects the soul to this world and this existence on earth. Therefore this is a key energy to explore.

Without heart energy you may have no direction, no desire to stay here and have interrupted energy flow, with blockages in our heart energy making it difficult for us to receive on every level.

The soul is consistently calling us, niggling us, trying to guide us to move forward. The souls energy already has its direction and will always try to move us forward. However more often than not we don’t answer or have the courage to let go or faith to step into a new path or way of being. For the more resistance we feel around a soul call, the more important is probably is to our soul’s growth. And growing our souls is exactly why we are here.

The things that can throw our soul out and cause us to feel very unbalanced, are when our soul path is being rejected and you are ignoring intuitive queues, our Trauma, beliefs, surgery, sickness, accidents, fear which is often a loss of power, Anxiety when we are not in control, challenges outside of our comfort zone, sudden changes and abuse. Like a stress fracture, if weak we can become vulnerable. Our energy will feel heavy because you are not in alignment with your soul or divine self and mostly operating from fears, of your lower self or ego. Our vibration will be low, which means the light particles are vibrating slowly and become condensed. I will explain about our vibration in another article.

So we need to be able to convert our fear into strength and empowerment, Respecting the fear then we are wiser as a process of it, and this to will change the emotion to it. Convert the fear into knowledge, move through it, to retain the wisdom and you will feel the energy shift.

For myself, I have too experienced a time when I felt very lost with no direction, I often questioned why I was here and why life just seemed so difficult, as every corner I was faced with a challenge, either with my kids, my health, my relationship and even in business, it was a consistent struggle for me for a long time. I did however understand my path but boy did it feel like a very slow journey to get any kind of traction, it would feel like I would take a few steps forward and then whoops it was back again. I was aware of the gifts along the way, the people and teachers who entered my life in support, the books that arrived to help give further understanding to what I was experiencing, appeared without any thought. My beautiful Grandmother who consistently sat and listened to me, and helped try and make some sense of what was really just part of my souls learning.

But for the most I was aware of the direction my soul was taking me, and there was certainly a lot of love in myself and I think a huge amount of faith that things could be different. When I look back now I realise it was an important time for me to be stripped of all of who I thought I was, the things that I identified myself as, they no longer existed, so who was I ????? This valuable time gave me the opportunity to let go of many beliefs that were no longer serving me, but also to embrace the parts of myself that I did not understand or love. So our difficult times are often our biggest growth, and although it can feel like you are lost and unbalanced, unloved and unsupported, if we can embrace these moments with power and love we an move through them more easily.

For those of you who feel that your path is not clear, or does not make any sense, just trust that your soul has put you exactly where and with who you need to be, as it really is aligned perfectly for you. Have the courage to let go of what does not serve us to forge a new path forward and the faith and trust that your soul knows.

Sometimes we try so hard to search for the answers, we are really trying to control where we should be going. We need to learn to trust, and hand it over to the universe, as we are often not seeing the bigger picture, or plan that is before us.

Practise listening to your soul callings, without thinking too much about the answer, what does your soul want to know?, if you weren’t afraid, what would you do ? What is your soul aching and yearning for? Beyond all else, what is your soul calling you to do?.

Meditation is another great way to connect with your soul, spend time listening to your intuition and allowing it to guide you forward on your soul journey.

I hope this has helped you to understand your soul, when we are living from our heart, we can live in balance with our soul and we create a life that is completely aligned to us. What you love doing will always open more doors for you.

Look out for my next article to learn more about your Liver from TCM perspective.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.