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Understanding your Attachments

What is it in our life that we hold onto tightly, that stops us from achieving our inner peace and success?

An Attachment is what we have been trained to believe.

Attachment means holding onto things dearly as if you cannot live without them or as if your happiness and existence depend upon them. These are mental bonds you develop with things and objects, places and people, we want or need or long for circumstances to be a certain way, and you believe they are important for you and your happiness. They are invisible strings that tie you to the external world.

The single most pronounced attachment for most of us in our lives is the attachment to being right! to win at all costs and to be superior to others.

When you attached to things, they take control of your life, your body, mind and senses and define your life, personality and destiny. They limit your freedom and awareness. We end up creating a huge amount of stress in our lives, because we hang on to beliefs that keep us striving for more, because the ego stubbornly refuses to believe we don’t need something. If these outer things change, break and disappear, and if we continue to cling to them, we then end up on an emotional roller coaster.

Recognizing what physical things we cling to and letting go of reliance on it brings the gift of freedom and serenity. When the mind clings to the divine within us the outer things lose their pull over us and it becomes possible to put things into perspective and find that inner peace.

Just recently, I realised that some of my own battles, have been the need to be right with my husband, to believe and behave as I do, which in reality seems very absurd.

It was not until I felt completely exhausted and a feeling of not wanting to battle anymore that I could clearly see how attached I had become to me needing to be right. My body was also showing tight restrictions and trying to bring awareness to me. Yes I it may have been useful or beneficial information, however in this case and all relationships, if you love someone allow them to choose to be without expectations or attachments from you. Loving a person for what they are, not what you think they should be. This is an open mind free of attachments.